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JURIST is transitioning from an academic organization with a small number of institutional contributors to an independent and self-sustaining non-profit. Our primary benefactors have done much to move JURIST from one law professor’s hobby to the wide-reaching service it is today. But JURIST still operates on very lean budget. We need your help to ensure that JURIST has the resources necessary to continue its mission as these early benefactors begin to draw down their support.

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  • Develop new programming, including audio and video coverage, seminars and conferences that will directly benefit our community
  • Cover costs associated with managing our law student staff, such as development of staff manuals, training materials, and even the occasional pizza for our hard-working law students
  • Increase outreach efforts to JURIST's audience
  • Establish an emergency reserve to cope with technical crises in a timely fashion
  • Add professional staff support for JURIST's Commentary
  • Add professional technical support
  • Ensure continued funding for JURIST's existing professional staff
Did you know?

In the last year, JURIST:

  • Produced new content every day of the year
  • Published over 2,600 news stories, 315 expert commentaries, and 7 special features at JURIST.org
  • Reached more than 400,000 readers in 195 countries and all 50 US states
  • Hired and trained more than 25 new students, pushing our total number of staffers above sixty (60)
  • Maintained two professional staff positions

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